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Impartner Advances Channel-First Philosophy


Release continues stream of channel-focused innovations in the past 24 months, which have made Impartner the most award winning PRM worldwide
New channel-first interface allows individual channel managers to see personalized views of their specific region without having to sort through an ocean of data

LONDON — MARCH 15, 2017 — Global Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Leader Impartner today announced a new ‘channel-first’ interface that gives channel managers a synthesized, personalized view of their individual region, eliminating the need to search through an ocean of data to find action items for their geography. The new interface, announced today at Cloud Expo Europe, Europe’s largest cloud and digital transformation show, comes as part of the company’s Spring ’17 release, also features a number of other enhancements specifically focused on increasing partner engagement and accelerating indirect sales, including a powerful, interactive Event Calendar. In addition, customers are now able to deploy a PRM solution with or without a CRM.

“Impartner’s new interface is built from the ground up to be channel-first in the information it displays to truly give channel managers the specific information, the knobs, dials and levers they are looking for to manage a particular geography or segment,” said Gary Sabin, Impartner senior director of product management.

A key add for this release, which goes live in April, is the ability to assign deals to multiple contacts within partner accounts, a capability lacking in traditional single-tier CRMs. “CRMs are critical tools, but ultimately, they weren’t designed to track the multi-level touches most deals go through when they’re working their way through the channel,” Sabin said.

“While some customers may prefer to continue to use the reporting tools and workflows within their CRM,” Sabin continued, “our expectation is that over time many of our customers will embrace the value of this channel-first approach, a philosophy that helps eliminate the complexities of managing multiple touchpoints through the channel.”

“There are a number of things about a company’s channel that are unique with respect to its direct model,” said Tim Harmon, managing director at Nuvello, a newly minted channel research and consulting firm, “and touchpoint complexity is one of them. While most sales teams know the reporting interface of their CRM, ultimately they want a single distilled workspace that gels direct and channel together. That focus and channel-first approach will enable them to optimize their customers’ experience and outrun their competitors.”

Other key highlights of Impartner’s Spring ’17 release include:

  • Impartner Event Calendar: This new add-on module serves as a focus point for vendor’s portals, making it easy to highlight new product launches, webinars, etc. Plus, the calendar features an industry-first integration with the portal’s workflows and approvals, so partners can see information and act on it directly in the activity center — like registering for events or deals — without ever having to leave the screen. This simplifies use and makes it easier than ever to publish and promote information to partners and drive engagement.
  • Impartner Activity Stream: A standard feature for all customers, this integrated activity stream brings together all a vendor’s push notifications, social content and event notifications into one live, ‘heads up’ display to help merchandise what they are doing and drive their partner business and increase engagement.
  • Self-service data imports: Continuing its drive to make Partner Portal updates self-service and enhance the nimbleness of channel teams, Impartner now provides its customers with the ability to import their own partner data into the PRM solution including applications, accounts, members, leads, etc.
  • Integration with Standard Custom Objects: While Impartner has long been recognized for its ease of integration with Salesforce, the company takes that one step further by providing Standard Object Integration as part of their Managed Package within Salesforce.
  • All new search functionality: With Impartner’s completely re-engineered workspace, channel teams have access to the industry’s best search technologies to find anything they want inside their channel, including all leads, opportunities and members that apply to any specific region or object and deals in any stage of the pipeline.

To learn more about Impartner’s full suite of functionality and how companies with contemporary SaaS PRM solutions help generate an average of up to $9 million a year in additional channel revenue, here.

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Impartner delivers the industry’s most advanced SaaS-based Partner Relationship Management solution, helping companies worldwide manage their partner relationships and accelerate revenue and profitability through indirect sales channels. Impartner PRM is the industry’s most award-winning PRM technology and one of the industry’s only turnkey solutions that can deploy a world-class Partner Portal in as few as 14 days, using the company’s highly engineered Velocity™ onboarding process, which is guided by an individually customized Customer Success Portal. For more information on Impartner, which is based in Utah’s tech hotbed, the Silicon Slopes, visit or in the United States call +1 801 501 7000, for EMEA general call +33 1 40 90 31 20, for London call +44 0 20 3283 4465, and for LATAM call +1 954 364 7883.

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