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Forging a Modern Go–To–Market Architecture: CRM, PRM and MAP

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PRM cements its place as a core enterprise business solution that’s as critical to a company’s customer success as CRM or MAP

Silicon Slopes, UTAH — April 11, 2018 — In today’s market, marketing, sales and channel professionals are drowning in a veritable tsunami of technology solutions, causing widespread confusion on spending priorities and resulting in a hodgepodge of non–integratable solutions and siloed data. In a new report issued today, Forging the Modern Go-to-Market Architecture, top technology industry analyst Tim Harmon issues a bold statement to those responsible for building their company’s go–to–market architecture: “Forget shiny point solutions until you’ve made three technology investments that have cemented the foundational systems of record for today’s salestech, chantech and martech stacks – Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Partner Relationship Management (PRM), and a Marketing Automation Platform (MAP).

“In 2017, the martech solutions space alone grew by about 40 percent, to a total of over 5000 solutions, and it’s simply paralyzing for business buyers to figure out what’s important and what the priority is in their purchase decisions – they don’t know where to start,” says Harmon, managing director of technology analyst firm Nuvoce. “This report is focused on clearing away that confusion, by helping customers understand that the winning, go–to–market technology landscape for every company starts with three critical platforms – CRM, PRM and MAP. Each of these foundational solutions acts as a vital System of Record (SOR), providing the go–to data source for point solutions, and without which, they will provide sub–optimized value to your organization.”

In the report, Harmon explains the causes behind the proliferation. “You can point the finger at the SaaS phenomenon, which invites or encourages under–considered buying and line–of–business decision making without IT input,” said Harmon, stressing that he’s not lobbying organizations to add complexity to their buying process, but rather, encouraging corporations to more intentionally understand what foundational technologies are necessary to implement first, to improve the overall effectiveness of their subsequent investments.

One surprise in the report is the cementing of PRM as a foundational, enterprise technology, alongside CRM and other core enterprise business solutions. “PRM has never been more critical as a scale pedal in helping corporations automate and optimize their indirect operations, which generally represent 75 percent or more of a corporation’s revenue,” said Harmon. “In 2018, a contemporary, world class partner portal ensures you are maximizing that critical real estate you own with your partners – it is truly the window through which you extend all the prowess of your direct sales business processes and applications to your indirect channel partners.”

The foundational criticality of PRM to today’s modern go–to–market architecture is clearly reflected in the growth of Impartner, the world’s largest and most award winning pure–play PRM provider. In just the past year, the company increased its customer base by more than 70 percent, increased the number of users signing into portals using its technology from 75 percent to nearly 6 million, and just finished hosting its third annual customer conference, which has doubled in attendance year over year and draws channel chiefs worldwide from major corporations, from Xerox and Zendesk to Splunk and Fortinet.

“This is a critical time for companies to build out their technology stacks in a way that truly transforms the performance of their businesses,” said Dave R Taylor, CMO of Impartner. “We couldn’t be more excited to have someone with Tim’s technical depth and understanding of the market help distill the most critical go–to–market components for today’s business technology buyer. The fact that our rapidly growing customer base includes marketing leading such as Rackspace, Fortinet and Zendesk further validates the central role PRM now plays in driving the performance of the world’s most successful companies.”

To download a copy of the report, click here. To take a demo of Impartner’s PRM technology, click here.

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Nuvoce is a global network of industry analysts and consultants specializing in research and insights regarding the go–to–market – channel, marketing and sales – functions. Its mission is to educate and equip go–to–market professionals to innovate and execute their strategies integratedly to effect high business performance. Nuvoce is known for its Technology Investment Decision Management© (TIDM©) methodology, a business case, process and automation framework for optimizing the adoption of new technology solutions.

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Impartner delivers the industry’s most advanced SaaS-based Partner Relationship Management solution, helping companies worldwide manage their partner relationships and accelerate revenue and profitability through indirect sales channels. Impartner PRM is the industry’s most award-winning PRM technology and one of the industry’s only turnkey solutions that can deploy a world-class Partner Portal in as few as 14 days, using the company’s highly engineered Velocity™ onboarding process, which is guided by an individually customized Customer Success Portal. For more information on Impartner, which is based in Utah’s tech hotbed, the Silicon Slopes, visit or in the United States call +1 801 501 7000, for EMEA general call +33 1 40 90 31 20, for London call +44 0 20 3283 4465, and for LATAM call +1 954 364 7883.

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