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Despite Staggering 2019 Growth Projections, SaaS Companies Risk Being Left Behind Without Diverse Go-to-Market Strategy


Indirect sales channel key to amplifying growth, maintaining first-mover advantage says bold new eBook from top channel strategy firm

Salt Lake City – December 19, 2018While it may seem like there is enough wind in the sails of the SaaS market to power even those boats without a strong go-to-market strategy, in reality, companies who embrace both a direct and an indirect sales channel will outpace those who focus only on direct sales. This proclamation comes with the release of a new eBook, “The 555: Why a Channel is Critical to Your SaaS Company,” from a top channel strategy firm AchieveUnite. In the book, sponsored by Partner Relationship Management (PRM) pure-play technology leader, Impartner, AchieveUnite outlines the five reasons a SaaS channel is a go-to-market must, five reasons it’s different, and five things companies must do to stay ahead of the competition. A complimentary copy is available for download here.

“SaaS businesses are here to stay and growing rapidly and, according to Gartner, expecting to top $73B in revenue this year,” said AchieveUnite CEO Theresa Caragol. “If you have any doubt about that number, companies need look no further than their own tech stack. SaaS applications are prolific. From top applications like Box and Slack to up-and-coming tools like AppCues and Proov, the common denominator is growth. Most SaaS companies are reaching for growth rates of 40 percent or higher, but they can’t go it alone. Aggressive SaaS companies need partners to be seen as future-proofed service providers.”

However, Caragol continued the question for most SaaS companies is where the channel fits in a direct-to-paid subscription model. “The answer is simple – everywhere,” she stresses. “Partners amplify growth, attract buyers, fill product gaps, drive increased value and validate your solution. However, a SaaS channel IS different, and the eBook is 100 percent focused on explaining how to design an optimum SaaS market revenue strategy.”

“Whether or not to choose indirect sales as a go-to-market path is a core discussion we are having with SaaS companies around the world, who are struggling to define what is essentially a new world order when it comes to the channel,” said Dave R Taylor, CMO of Impartner. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to help bring this eBook and this conversation to life with an organization like AchieveUnite, whose leadership represents deep channel DNA and experience with market-leading corporations such as IBM, Ciena, Extreme Networks and Progress Software.”

To learn more, click here for a complimentary copy of the eBook. If you’re a SaaS company looking to get started on building your channel, click below for more information on AchieveUnite’s new Channel Acceleration Bootcamp.

About AchieveUnite

AchieveUnite is dedicated to helping high-tech vendors and service providers achieve measurable growth by delivering state-of-the-art partner performance programs. AchieveUnite works with companies at all stages of channel development, helping them create and execute the best channel strategy possible for their organizations and improve their vendor/partner relationships. AchieveUnite also develops individual and organizational skills within the business by delivering advanced thought leadership and research that helps future-proof the company. Schedule a no-obligation assessment and learn more at

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Impartner helps companies worldwide transform the performance of their indirect sales, increasing revenue an average of 31 percent and reduce administrative costs as much as 23 percent in the first year of use alone. Impartner’s SaaS-based Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software is the best-selling, most award-winning pure-play solution on the market and can be up and running in as few as 14 days. For more information on Impartner, which is based in Utah’s tech hotbed, the Silicon Slopes, visit, or in the United States call +1 801 501 7000, for EMEA general call +33 1 40 90 31 20, for London call +44 0 20 3283 4465, and for LATAM call +1 954 364 7883.

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