CRM Connect

Impartner CRM Connect

Real-time insight into your largest partners

This industry-first solution allows vendors to inject leads directly from their CRM into the CRM of their largest partners, who prefer not to sign into vendors’ Partner Portals to get leads and/or to register deals, for which they have already entered data into their own CRM. This bi-direction solution lets vendors do business with their largest partners the way they prefer and finally gives vendors the information on forecasting, status and challenges to close they’ve been looking for from those key partners. Plus, a simplified integration means scalability for businesses with no code to manage or maintain which respects the rules and requirements of each company.

Impartner CRM Connect:

  • Provides simplified integration with no code to manage or maintain
  • Is easy to install, standup and see success
  • Respects business rules and requirements of each company and means
  • Provides scalability for your business with your largest partners
  • Provides a simple/ controlled cost structure



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