Locator for Salesforce
Community Cloud

Connect end customers with partners that meet their unique requirements

Give your partners the visibility they’re looking for – all in the Salesforce Community Cloud environment

Impartner Locator for Salesforce Community Cloud integrates into the “Find A Partner” section of your corporate website, allowing end users to easily search for partners based on all of the facets tracked in your portal. Search results appear in a list as well as an interactive map. This solution:

  • Allows end customers to interact with a partner who is in their geographic area, who understands their specific vertical market, who has the requisite certifications, and who can shepherd them through the purchasing process.
  • Gives partners unprecedented visibility with end users by making it possible for them to be searched by geographic area, vertical market, certifications, and more.

Branding of the Locator is customized to your company’s website brand guidelines and the unique landing pages for each partner also reflect their own brand. Your channel partners can market themselves to prospects through multimedia, video, and downloadable sales collateral.

Impartner Locator for Salesforce Community Cloud features:

  • Simple turnkey installation into a Salesforce Community Cloud environment, with complete integration into all facets of your current Partner Program track
  • The ability for partners (once given access by your team), to submit and maintain their own company info



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