Point of Sale Management

Impartner Point of Sale Data Capture

Impartner Point of Sale Data Capture allows you to load in POS data to be able to see all channel sales, registered – or not

For companies whose main products have an average sale of just a few thousand dollars, unregistered deals often represent a significant portion, if not the majority, of channel sales, as most small sales are not registered.

This provides a better line of site to total channels sales, plus a better idea of which verticals and actual markets companies are selling into and insight into their actual end users. Most important, because vendors have actual POS data, they can make sure they have the data they need to verify and true up rebates to partners.

Impartner Point of Sale Data Capture features:

  • Partner visibility to sales records
  • The ability for partners to enter new sale records
  • Integration with Impartner’s Channel Flow workflow engine
  • Bulk import tool for manual sync or API available for automated integration with external systems



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