If You’re New to Channel Sales or Management, or Even a Seasoned Veteran of Partnering, You Likely Have Many Questions on Key Aspects of Your Job. Theresa Caragol Unpacks Commonly Held Misperceptions and Reveals the Seven Myths of Being a Channel Chief.

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Episode Outline:

[00:05] Intro from T.C. Doyle
[00:35] Theresa Caragol introduces Achieve Unite
[01:33] The Seven Myths of Being a Channel Chief
[02:05] Myth No. 1: Your executive management team understands channels and how they work
[03:06] Myth No. 2: Revenue is a leading indicator of success
[04:18] Myth No. 3: A go-to-market strategy is really a sales strategy in disguise
[05:08] Myth No. 4: Partners are essentially customers with similar needs and concerns
[07:00] Myth No. 5: Partners can make a market if properly incentivized
[07:44] Myth No. 6: Everyone in your company will rally to support your objectives
[09:18] Myth No. 7: Once partners get established, channels essentially run on autopilot
[11:13] Theresa teases new things from Achieve Unite
[18:00] T.C.’s closing remarks


Gina Batali-Brooks

Theresa Caragol
CEO, AchieveUnite

Dave Taylor

TC Doyle
Director of Marketing Communications, Impartner

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