Partnertap’s CEO Cassandra Gholston Defines What Every Channel Professional Needs to Know About Customer Data

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Sad but true: in most companies today — even big ones — most data sharing is done via email with spreadsheets. That’s not the best way to responsibly put customer and partner data to use, obviously, but it is the way most companies leverage it, says Partnertap co-founder and CEO Cassandra Gholston, also a member of the Impartner Channel Chief Advisory Board (CCAB).

As head of one of the tech industry’s most influential companies that helps vendors better coordinate their go-to-market activities with partners, Gholston works with customer and partner data every day. She understands the opportunities and responsibilities vendors have when it comes to working with it. This includes data that is generated and/or leveraged by channel automation platforms including Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software.

With data all around them, many companies struggle when it comes to developing best practices. Gholston insists it need not be this way. In this video hosted by Impartner Channel Evangelist T.C. Doyle, Gholston offers tips and insights on maximizing data usage. This includes data that is leveraged for sales pipeline creation, co-sales activities and follow-on marketing efforts.

If you’re looking to better leverage data at your fingertips without running afoul of regulators or partners, then don’t miss Gholston’s examination of the DNA of business today, customer data.

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Episode Outline:

[00:06] Intro from T.C. Doyle
[00:40] Cassandra Gholston introduces Partnertap and the role it plays in the market
[02:22] Gholston talks about the attitudinal shift of vendors in 2021
[03:00] The competitive reason why so companies invest in PRM technology
[03:38] Why companies approach customer and partner data incorrectly
[05:06] The three data sets that are critical to driving partner revenue
[06:58] Who owns customer data: vendors or partners?
[08:50] The role trust plays in data sharing
[10:30] Double-blind customer data mapping
[11:56] Who influences Gholston’s thinking today
[13:11] T.C.D.’s closing remarks


Cassandra Gholston

Cassandra Gholston
Co-founder and CEO, PartnerTap

Dave Taylor

TC Doyle
Director of Marketing Communications, Impartner

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