The New Path to CEO? Channel Chief

Olivier Choron, General Manager Impartner EMEA and Marcus Cauchi, Top Channel Author

“The new route to becoming chief executive is…through channel sales. Over the next 10 years that is where you are going to see them” says Marcus Cauchi, in reference to channel chiefs and channel sales people. Cauchi is the author of the new book, Making Channel Sales Work: Ten Tools to Create a World-Class Third-Party Selling Program. Join him and Impartner’s Olivier Choron in this podcast as they discuss why the job of a channel manager is the hardest sales job out there, how to overcome the challenges faced by those in this role and why, more and more — it’s the path to the top slot in any company.

Join the experts in our ‘Build a Better Channel Series’ as they break down the importance of a partner-centric approach to channel sales.


Dave Taylor

Olivier Choron
Managing Director EMEA, Impartner

Dave Taylor

Marcus Cauchi
Top Channel Author

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