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AI-Powered Partnerships: Looking Towards a Future of Efficiency and Growth

In the competitive landscape of partner marketing, finding effective strategies to maximize your ROI and streamline operations is crucial. Traditional paid media strategies, while beneficial, often suffer from inefficiencies and inflated costs. Enter Impartner's new AI-powered solutions for partner marketing.  

For years, I've helped companies—from emerging startups to global enterprises—automate their partner marketing efforts. Now, I'm thrilled to be at the forefront of the AI revolution, providing companies with cutting-edge tools that deliver unprecedented efficiencies, personalized experiences, and scalable solutions. AI empowers us to achieve more with fewer resources, enabling ecosystem leaders to concentrate on strategic initiatives that require the unique insights and creativity only humans can provide. 

Even though we're still in the early days of AI technology, let's look at how Impartner has already revolutionized the partner marketing landscape and share how we're planning to do it again with our AI solutions. We'll be viewing this mostly through the lens of our paid media solutions, but this is only the beginning of what's to come from our team. Let's jump in! 

How we've already transformed paid media for partners  

Paid media campaigns have long been a staple in partner marketing strategies. From Google Ads campaigns to paid ads on Meta or LinkedIn, paid media is a smart way to reach your customers right where they already are online.  

Historically, though, as more partners adopt this strategy, the more the cost per click goes up for vendors. This is because your partners are competing with themselves as well as your own paid media campaigns. It's called artificial bid inflation. It's artificial because to you the vendor, it's all the same lead that you're bidding for from multiple vantage points. This eventually reaches a point where a paid media strategy becomes cost prohibitive. The cost to elicit a lead is more than the revenue that lead can bring you.  

Impartner's solution is the only option in the market that creates an economy of scale for paid media. This is a proprietary solution developed in collaboration with Google while Google themselves were looking for a scalable way to roll their Ad Words product out in the channel environment. 

We remove the challenge of artificial bid inflation simply by turning our tool on. Partners ads no longer bid against each other. Furthermore, the ads return the data collectively to our paid media engine, enabling the tool to optimize the individual ads based on the performance of the whole. This creates a synergy within your paid media strategy, which was previously not achievable.  

Impartner also solves another huge problem typically experienced when running paid media for partners. Individual ad campaigns from partners were typically siloed and disparate with no sharing of data or insight shared back to the vendor. It became a black hole where no data could escape. 

Now, with Impartner, your cost per click goes down as you add partners to your paid media campaigns. Simultaneously your ability to optimize the campaign grows as you grow the campaign because you have more data to drive the optimization. This economy of scale allows you to grow your paid media efforts and subsequently the number of new leads you can generate in your channel. 

Where we're going next: AI-powered optimizations  

At Impartner, we don't stand still. We've recently made a huge advancement in our use of an AI model to drastically increase the effectiveness of our paid media campaign optimizations. 

Impartner has integrated an AI engine that is capable of optimizing paid media ad campaigns automatically with no additional cost or effort required from the vendor. While our competitors struggle to offer any paid media strategy for ecosystems, we are now capable of not only scaling ad campaigns, but now fully optimizing them automatically in real time.  

Simply by turning on the AI optimization engine, our platform can make tens of thousands of optimizations per day per partner within a campaign. Not only that, but across campaign platforms as well.  

The system can automatically detect if one platform is outperforming another and re-distribute bid allocation automatically. For example, if your Google ad campaign is outperforming a Facebook ad campaign with a better cost per click or conversion rate, the system can automatically re-allocate bid to Facebook from Google.  

The engine can handle up to five million optimizations per day and is setting a new threshold in paid media capabilities. 

We'll discuss some of our other generative and predictive AI tools shortly, but it’s the ability of AI to optimize a matrix of components within a paid media campaign that Impartner is finding to be the most powerful application of AI for partner ecosystems so far. 

Impartner customers are already leveraging these benefits to drive positive ROI from their newly created pipeline. And these customers are already seeing the benefits of these solutions and are blown away with the results. 

Other applications for AI for managing partnerships 

Impartner’s use of AI extends beyond our paid media tools. Impartner now integrates with AI technology for a variety of use cases such as data enrichment, which is helpful during partner recruitment and onboarding.  

New partner application processes can be simplified for both the potential partner by requiring less information to be submitted up front and by the internal partnership management team by having the AI automatically collect additional data about the partner applicant and completing fields within your PRM to assist in the approval process. 

We're also working to enhance our support chat with AI to provide faster and more comprehensive answers to technical or tactical questions. Further, we are working on the next phase of our Analytics to infuse AI into the solution that will provide deeper insights into how well your partner ecosystem is performing compared to your peers.  

And be on the lookout for predictive analytics that will help you focus your efforts on the right partners who have shown early behaviors that have been found to be the most effective.  

⭐️ Hear from the experts: We hosted a discussion with leaders from across the industry on their insights into the next generation of AI tools for partnerships. Read the full report now

The future of partner management and marketing with AI  

Impartner’s use of AI technology is setting new benchmarks in partner marketing and management.  

By automating complex tasks and optimizing campaigns in real-time, Impartner enables businesses like yours to rapidly scale your partner marketing to and achieve better ROI. And the ongoing integration of AI across various functions, from recruitment to support, demonstrates the transformative potential of this technology for partnerships in the future.  

Ready to discover more? Reach out to Impartner today to learn more about our AI-powered solutions and see how we can help you achieve your partner ecosystem goals! You can also learn more about Impartner's partner marketing automation tools here, or take an interactive product tour to see it live.   

About the Author

As a Solutions Engineer at Impartner Software, Bill Tryder plays a pivotal role in shaping and advising companies on effective partner marketing strategies. His wealth of experience allows him to provide insightful guidance, ensuring that clients harness the full potential of partner marketing automation tools to achieve their business goals.

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