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Convince Your Boss to Send You to Multiply: ImpartnerCon [Plus Bonus Email Template]

Multiply: ImpartnerCon is back, and this year we're headed to Austin, TX from February 24-26, 2025! From collaborative workshops for front-line partner managers to talks given by the industry's pre-eminent thinkers on strategy and trends for executive teams, there's something for everyone. This is your opportunity to learn, get inspired, and make connections in our growing industry.  

For three days, we're breaking out of the day-to-day and building the future of ecosystems, together. And we want you there. How do you persuade your boss that sending you is beneficial for growing your partnerships? We've got you covered with a free email template you can send to your boss, plenty of stats to make your case, and more. You can also check out videos from ImpartnerCon '24 to see the caliber of our speakers and topics discussed. After you share this with your boss, they'll likely be as excited as you are! 

📧 Make a copy of our free email template  

📈 Why now is the moment

🗣️ What past attendees say

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Why now is the moment  

In the day-to-day, it can be easy to forget that you belong to something bigger. Momentous. Partner ecosystems are quickly and radically reshaping business as usual. HubSpot notes that 76% of surveyed business leaders believe partner ecosystems will be the main disruptor to business as usual. McKinsey calls it the "single largest economic transformation of human history." 

After years of economic turmoil, the partner ecosystem community is emerging bigger and stronger than ever. These challenges have forced the industry to evolve, moving from intuition to data-driven decision-making, from manual management to advanced, automated partner tech stacks.  

Now, ecosystems are poised to become the major disruptor to business-as-usual. Companies are no longer just selling through partners, they're putting partners at the forefront of innovation, customer experience, growth strategies, and more.   

The ecosystem era is here, and it represents an incredible force multiplier for tomorrow's market leaders... and a major risk for those who ignore it. Multiply: ImpartnerCon is your guide. Here's how.  

1. Increase ecosystem revenue  

97% of past attendees said they would use insights from the event to increase their partner revenue. At ImpartnerCon, our sessions focus on how the right data and tools can help you prove ROI for your partner program and drive more scalable revenue from your ecosystem. 

2. Industry-leading networking  

There's a reason so many past attendees have called ImpartnerCon the "best networking event" and 98% said they would attend again. When you put hundreds of partnerships pros in the same space, the magic multiplies. Get access to analysts, company stakeholders, and 1:1 meetings with Impartner executives. 

3. Personalized learning journeys  

Dive into the best sessions and workshops for this moment in your career. From collaborative workshops for front-line partner managers to sessions with the industry's pre-eminent thinkers on strategy and trends for executive teams, there's something for everyone.  

4. Join the ecosystem era  

The industry's top thinkers will be at ImpartnerCon, sharing their insights into the next generation of automated and AI-powered partner management and marketing tools, while also sharing how ecosystems are behind the massive growth at today's top companies. This is where change happens.  

5. Your partnership potential, multiplied  

We’re bringing together over 300 ecosystem professionals from top companies for three days of collaboration and learning. With 25+ sessions on strategy and execution and 20+ hours of hands-on training, you'll leave with the skills and insights you need to power your ecosystem growth. 

Ready to get your boss on board? Download our free email template now

What past attendees say  

Multiply: ImpartnerCon attendees have found unmatched insights and strategies to grow their ecosystems. But don't just take our word for it. Hear from past attendees. 

  • 98% said they were likely to attend ImpartnerCon again
  • 97% would use insights to increase their partner revenue
  • 90% of past attendees rated the hands-on workshops as 'must attend'
  • 77% were likely to use connections made to find their next role  

Beyond the insights and what they gained, this is what attendees had to say about their experience at our 2024 event in Miami.  

“ImpartnerCon is THE event to go to for anyone and everyone working in the world of channel partners. The insights that you take away, the meeting of other like-minded individuals, and the content that you are exposed to, is second to none. Hearing about what has worked well for others, as well as seeing the future trends of the partner world is invaluable, and shapes the roadmap for the year ahead, meaning I can truly be ahead of the curve. I would absolutely recommend ImpartnerCon to anyone and everyone who is passionate about working with partners, regardless of what stage you’re in." - Steve Newton, Digital Transformation Lead at Finastra 

"ImpartnerCon '24 gathered some of the partnering world's brightest minds together in sunny Miami with a dynamic lineup of industry experts, engaging workshops, and technology roadmap showcases. The diverse audience of hands-on partnership professionals collected insights on emerging trends in the automation of partner relationship management, strategies for optimizing partner revenues, and learnings on the importance of fostering strong partner ecosystems. And it wasn’t all futuristic thought leaders and inspiring quotes to share on the socials: the event delivered practical knowledge and tangible actions that could be immediately implemented to leverage technology to enhance partner experiences and drive business growth." - Amy Roberts, EMEA Principal & PRM Lead at PartnerPath 

"ImpartnerCon ’24 came with the great opportunity to share my knowledge with other peers, be it on individual sessions or as part of a panel on stage, and at the same time, to expand my horizon and keep myself up-to-date with the latest developments from Impartner." - Adina Alexa, Partner Enablement Platform Manager at Vertiv 

"ImpartnerCon is a great event.  It gives you the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders facing similar challenges, learn best practices, and hear about the newest tools available to implement with your channel partners." - Heather Harlos, Sr. Director, Global Partner Enablement and Programs at Proofpoint 

"I loved the presentations. Each one I attended, I left with at least one idea of something I could implement into my own partner program." - Jennifer Reid, Senior Director Global Partner Marketing at Malwarebytes 

"The networking! This has been one of the best networking events to date." - Celeste Steele, Global Head of Partner Marketing at Broadcom 

"Multiply: ImpartnerCon fostered a strong sense of industry learning and collaboration, making it essential for anyone looking to elevate their partnership strategies." - Vince Menzione, CEO of Ultimate Partner 

"I loved the opportunity to interact with other Impartner customers to hear about their experiences, lessons learned, and best practices." - Michelle Machado, Director, Global Channel Sales & Field Marketing at Iron Mountain 

"It was great to be in an audience of peers who understood the challenges that we encounter on a daily basis." - Julie Mai, Strategic Alliance Enablement Manager at Esker 

"It was a fantastic event! The sessions were informative and engaging, and the networking opportunities were invaluable. I appreciate the effort that went into organizing such a successful conference. Looking forward to implementing the channel strategies we learned and continuing to strengthen our partnership. I also enjoyed taking part in the Partner Ops Panel session and sharing my perspective on the best practices." - Dinara Bakirova, Global Head of Channel Operations at Lookout 

How to find the funds 

Finding the funds to attend Multiply: ImpartnerCon is easier than you think. To start, early birds get to save big on their ticket cost, so the earlier you purchase, the deeper your savings. We also offer group volume discounts, so you can bring the team and pay less per person. Find all pricing at

This will also be your chance to meet multiple partners in one place, so consider using partner referral fees or travel and entertainment (T&E) funds allocated for partner engagement and development. Or, if you have general funds for program improvements, Multiply: ImpartnerCon is an opportunity to immediately gain access to new tech vendors, consultants, and potential partners.  

You may also have funding available in learning and development, and this is a great chance to invest in your future skills and professional growth!  

Finally, if you're building your career, we also offer speaking opportunities. This is your chance to show off your program successes, share your strategies, and make a name for yourself in the industry. Learn more and apply to speak here. Accepted speakers will receive one complimentary ticket to the conference!

Remember to grab the letter template and make your case the easy way — simply save a copy of the email template, add in your final details, and send it on to your boss! Have further questions? We're always here to help. Email us at 

About the Author

Dave R. Taylor is a successful tech entrepreneur with five exits under his belt. Having started his career at Intel Corporation as a Product Manager, Dave has how run marketing as CMO at seven successive companies, and always has as his top priority a focus on demand generation, working closely with sales teams to hit revenue growth targets. He counts as his top skill the recruitment and retention of amazingly high performing marketing teams. Born and raised in Boston, Dave has lived in the UK, South Africa, the Middle East, and all over the U.S., and now resides in Utah and Montana.

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