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Maria Chien's The Meteoric Rise Of Partner Ecosystems Is The Driver For B2B Growth

In 2022, B2B organizations saw an explosion in the size and complexity of their universe of partners, with partner organizations playing an instrumental role in helping them navigate business goals and challenges. These goals and challenges include shifting buyer preferences, transformative go-to-market motions, rising multipartner-to-customer value, global market disruptions, and macroeconomic factors.

Pervasive market forces create disruption - and opportunity - that cascades throughout partnering strategies. Partner ecosystem transformation is anchored in customer-obsession as changing buyer and customer needs and preferences are the catalyst for evolving the chain of value creation and delivery across a supplier’s network of partners. In this presentation, VP, Research Director, Channel Marketing Strategies of Forrester, Maria Chien, breaks down the “why?”, the “what?” and the "how?” to give partner ecosystem leaders the data and insights to decipher trends that drive business outcomes.

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