Journey Builder

Curate every step of a partner’s journey

Critical to directing 75 percent of revenue or more for companies worldwide

Journey Builder is a ground-breaking solution that moves beyond just automating transactions to automating the journey and experience of partners and rewarding the behaviors that determine success. With its consumerized, “help-ticket free” interface, you can curate your partners’ journeys through every stage of their lifecycle, taking the variation out of partner outcomes.

Getting your partners onboarded and provided with portal credentials is only the beginning. You need to truly guide each partner through the behaviors and experiences that will drive them to their first dollar of revenue generated for you.

Journey Builder provides a low-touch, scalable, repeatable way to automate partners’ journeys – taking the ‘success roulette’ out of the process and delivering consistent results from every partner. The simple, linear, intuitive interface is designed for channel managers, not IT, putting journey control in the hands of those closest to partners.

With every partner knowing exactly what next steps are expected of them along with full reporting on the progress of every partner within every dynamic journey you created, you have the tools in place to fully optimize your channel revenue.

Key Journey Builder features:

  • Create multiple Journeys and assign them through workflows to single or multiple partner users
  • Each Journey consists of Phases with Activities. Each Phase has a specified timeframe for completion of one or more Activities
  • Dashboard that shows a breakdown of data such as Journeys assigned, in progress, or completed
  • Partner users see their progress on assigned Journeys from their portal view
  • Trigger internal or partner-focused notifications on assignment, completion, or if falling behind



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