News on Demand

Personalized & Targeted Newsletters

Deliver 100% personalized news and targeted newsletters to your partners – based on their preferences

Ensure your partners have the news they want, when they want it – without having to create hundreds of costly HTML newsletters.

Impartner News on Demand, our unique newsletter platform, allows you to share news based upon the recipients’ selections, delivering HTML newsletters when requested, without the need for any HTML development. Instead you can deliver 100% personalized and targeted HTML newsletters to each user, in a highly cost-effective manner. This delivers far better audience engagement (nearly twice the industry average!) because it puts your partners in control – or even employees or customers.

Using the solution is simple, with just four simple steps:

  1. Select the group of users you want to send content to
  2. Tie a topic to your content type and the language it will be in
  3. Create your article, schedule it, and send it for approval
  4. A seamless HTML email newsletter is produced that will be bespoke to each user, based on the content you shared with them and what they’ve opted into

Tremolo is now Impartner

News on Demand features:

  • Multi-tiered content functionality – allowing different content to be delivered to different types or tiers of partners
  • Global flexibility – making it easy to deliver news in different time zones and languages – from one platform
  • Control for partners to choose which news they want
  • Easy integration into your partner portal
  • No HTML coding – newsletters are auto-generated based on your content restrictions and your users’ preferences
  • Full branding
  • Extensive analytics



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