Program Compliance Manager

Solves a Top Issue for Channel Managers: Program Compliance

Impartner Program Compliance Manager automates partner tiering to ensure greater compliance while greatly reducing administration time

A global study of channel pros revealed that program compliance is plagued by heavy, complicated, and manual administrative burdens, leading to communicating tier status to partners being generally cumbersome and causing overpayments to be a regular occurrence. In this study, 60% said they lack confidence partners are tiered correctly and 78% of those that lack confidence in tier accuracy said they may be mistakenly overpaying their partners by up to 20%.

Program Compliance Manager automates your tier requirements to calculate and correctly assign tiers to every qualifying partner based on the evaluation cycle you specify. The criteria and requirements that you’ve configured for each tier are clearly displayed to partners so that they know exactly where they currently stand, the benefits for which they qualify, and what it takes to achieve the next level of benefits. Take the time, cost, and accuracy headaches out of program compliance for both you and your partners while also motivating them to be promoted to the next level.

Program Compliance Manager highlights:

  • Fundamentally change your partner ecosystem by easily managing and communicating your channel’s program compliance to partners and stakeholders
  • Partners can see their current tier status and its benefits while also clearly understanding requirements needed to reach the next tier status
  • Build unique tier structures based on program type and region
  • Make program compliance more accessible for smaller programs
  • Set start and end dates as well as evaluation cycles to signal when key criteria data should be reviewed for promotion
  • View how many and which accounts belong to each tier, what their previous tier assignment was, and when status was changed



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