Training & Certification

Empower your partners with digital training and certification programs

Provide an engaged partner ecosystem that will forge partner understanding of your product

The Impartner Training and Certification (T&C) module allows you to provide training and certification programs to your partners. The better trained a partner is on the products, the better they can sell and support those products, and the happier your customer will be.

Impartner’s T&C solution features the use of its SegmentAI segmentation engine, meaning channel managers can segment every partner, by any aspect, to truly deliver the exactly the training to every partner using the company’s automated workflows and curate the experience that follows. It turns the certification of partners into a powerful trigger for other actions in a partner program.

Track Progress

This module allows companies to present professional training material to partners and facilitates testing to confirm competency. As courses are completed and passed, Impartner T&C can show the partner where they left off to quickly continue their current track.

Impartner’s Training and Certification features:

  • The ability to self-author all aspects of the certification, course, lesson, and quiz content in code-free interface
  • Easily publishable status of each certification, course, or lesson
  • The ability to segmentation to certification tracks
  • Auto expiration of certifications after 1-3 years
  • Ability to incorporate Rich Text, PDF upload, or upload/link to video within the course UI
  • Modifyable portal experience based on partner’s training progress



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