Impartner PRM + Microsoft Dynamics 365

Pure Power for your Channel

Impartner PRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 combine to give pure power for your channel

Impartner and Microsoft have joined forces to energize your channel. Now, you can extend the sales processes and pipeline visibility you have for your direct sales team in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your partners through the integration with Impartner PRM

Consolidated Data = Consolidated Management

Connecting your partner pipeline data directly to Dynamics 365 makes it easier to resolve channel conflict while keeping your data integrity intact by not duplicating data but leveraging our real-time integration. Your channel team doesn’t need to jump into separate solutions to get the data they need – it’s all in Dynamics 365 – enabling you to have reports of your direct and indirect sales all under the same hood.

Dynamics 365 + Impartner PRM = Best-In-Class Partner Management Solution

Why Impartner for PRM?
There are so many reasons (View the Top 10), why Impartner has been rated the leader in the partner relationship management market. From personalized partner experience to automated channel management to thought leadership features now and regularly being added – you are covered.

Your customer data remains in a single, unified location

Create a seamless partner experience
Personalized portal content that always exposes the right data to the right partner with Impartner’s SegmentAI functionality. All the tools that your partners need to access are available behind a single login.

Scalable with modular approach
Whether you need to track MDF, create business plans, distribute leads to partners, and more – there’s a managed solution available specifically for Dynamics 365 to add it to your PRM platform.


Impartner PRM and
Microsoft Dynamics 365