Channel 101: What Any Channel Newcomer Should Know About Partner Sales, Programs and More

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Every day, salespeople, marketers and other business professionals Google “How to start a channel.” Even channel veterans seek answers to key questions. Finally, someone has you covered. In this video, Impartner channel evangelist T.C. Doyle and Tenego Academy founder and CEO Donagh Kiernan discuss channel basics for a newly launched series, “Channel 101.” You have questions; we have answers.

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Episode Outline:

[00:06] Intro from T.C. Doyle
[00:52] Donagh Kiernan introduces Tenego Academy and its unique difference
[02:17] Donagh describes the value of “partner fit”
[03:30] The basics of building a partner program and the journey a vendor must make
[05:07] What motivates partners to work with your company: the essentials
[06:15] The difference between partner capabilities and partner types
[07:42] The number of partners vendors need
[08:49] The three pillars of partner success
[08:59] Why enablement trips up most vendors
[10:00] Is channel management an art or science?
[11:02] T.C.D.’s closing remarks


Donagh Kiernan

Donagh Kiernan
Founder and CEO, Tenego Academy

Dave Taylor

TC Doyle
Director of Marketing Communications, Impartner

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