Referral Automation Platform

Generate More Quality Leads from Your Advocates

Impartner makes referring business to you by your customers, employees, or other brand advocates easy and rewarding

You have brand advocates in many forms – employees, customers, and more – and they possess great powers in both market reach and influence.

However, managing each of your brand advocates requires a different tool set to maximize the business relationship with every type of partner and accelerate revenue for everyone. Companies with an intentional versus ad hoc process for managing these increasingly critical relationships see an average revenue increase of over 30 percent from these advocates.

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Consistent, Predictable Flow of High-Quality Leads

Impartner’s Referral Automation Platform brings the same process and structure we’ve brought to managing traditional partner models to managing and rewarding the advocates in your referral program. This automated solution ensures you have a consistent, predictable flow of high-quality leads from your advocates – such as customers and employees – who have a unique ability to understand the pains of your target buyers and leverage their trusted relationships.

Our Referral Automation Platform helps you:

  • Remove hassle by automating communication, tracking and fulfillment
  • Increase referral output without increasing headcount
  • Provide CAN/SPAM and tax compliance info
  • Provide content to help them promote your products
  • Remove management hassles by automating W-8/W-9 collection and tax management
  • Provide a personalized homepage with the ability to keep track of their referrals and gather new referrals in the method that works for them
  • Provide reward structures that motivate advocates for activity such as single payment revenue sharing and escalating reward amounts
  • Provide payment options including ACH, gift cards and wire transfer

Increase Referral Revenue by increasing your ability to:

  • Understand advocate performance with rich analytics
  • Track offline referrals, including verbal
  • Prove the value of your referral program with access to direct ROI
  • Capture a deep understand of your program through customized reports with advanced analytics
  • Manage unique reward rules by advocate entity and/or their referral sources
  • Easily supervise each referral program with registration and approval management

Make Referral Payment Processing Easy

One of the quickest ways to lose referral enthusiasm is to mess up their payment

Having a central place for managing payments and getting them out the door is one of the reasons companies work with Impartner.

Impartner’s payment processing solution provides just that: a simple, single source of truth for managing referral payments. With or without Impartner’s Referral Automation Platform, the payment processing solution allows you to:

  • Make batch payments — easily organize and manage groups of advocates’ rewards. This feature is a favorite of the finance departments we work with because it makes budgeting for rewards funding easy.
  • Review and edit pending payments — another popular feature. This allows each payment to be reviewed and approved before being scheduled for delivery to your advocate network. You can also quickly adjust and update reward amounts in the same view.
  • OnDemand payments — with this function, you can create a payment for an advocate in a matter of seconds. sometimes you need to pay an advocate quickly and not just for a successful referral. This feature gives you the flexibility to pay your advocates quickly and keep them happy.



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