Marketing Development Funds

Take the guess – and leg-work – out of managing your Marketing Development Funds (MDF) and Co-Operative Marketing funds

Amplify your marketing reach and minimize the effort

Impartner’s robust MDF module eliminates the time-consuming task of dealing with endless MDF paperwork – all requiring submissions, approvals, routing, and signing. The automated workflows offer a turn-key solution pre-built with industry best-practices, giving you pinpoint control from a common interface.

All of the data you need to collect at both the initial request and claim of the funds is configurable within our dynamic, drag and drop form management tool – including attachments for proof of performance.

MDF Module Features:

  • The ability for partners to apply for funds right in the Partner Portal, so you can receive a notification and review the request
  • Approval notifications so partners can begin executing
  • The ability to upload invoices and proof of performance (PoP) within the portal, and for completed payment requests to be rounded to finance for payments
  • Automated notifications of payments to both your team and your partners
  • Accounting compliance
  • The ability to view all tasks associated with MDF and Co-Op funds in one centralized, single pane of glass



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