Impartner PRM

The Impartner Core Platform

Fully SaaS, cloud-enabled and multi-tenant — Easy to adopt, quick to deploy, simple to customize

An enterprise-class solution for managing, optimizing and accelerating every aspect of your channel from partner recruiting to cooperatively marketing and selling, to managing your partners’ performance.

With Impartner PRM, you can:

  • Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and other CRMs. Or, if you don’t have a CRM, our PRM may be powerful enough to serve that role for your channel
  • Ditch the spreadsheet and automate repetitive channel tasks
  • Speed up partner onboarding with automated processes for faster paths to revenue
  • Energize your partners with an easy-to-use interface, and a personalized partner experience
  • Easily update your content and pages with clicks, not code
  • Reward partner performance by directing your best leads to your strongest partners
  • Analyze what’s working and what’s not across every aspect of your indirect sales with the same insight you have into direct sales
  • Ensure your data is secure through Impartner’s robust security protocols

Choose fully customized branding for your portal, or choose from a variety of pre-made design layouts that use your logo and content. Our highly engineered Velocity™ onboarding process can have you up and running in as few as 14 days.

Out-of-the-Box Impartner PRM Features:

  • Secure, mobile-responsive web application with seamless CRM integration
  • Partner recruiting and onboarding
  • Automated partner onboarding with approval routing and contract management
  • Deal registration and management
  • Partner analytics and reporting with Channel Intel
  • Easily share documents with the Asset Library
  • Built in, in-line WYSIWYG Content Management System (CMS) to fully control portal content and pages
  • Channel Flow™ workflow engine, enabling real-time processes and workflows updates
  • SegmentAI segmentation engine, enabling partner segmentation by any attribute
  • SmartContent asset management functionality, ensuring the right partners get the right asset at the right time
  • Event Calendar promoting events and driving engagement by simple plan sharing, highlighting product launches, communicating deadlines, promoting webinars, and more

The Core Platform + A Powerful Multi-Module System

Easily add modules to enhance and further accelerate your channel sales.

Impartner PRM provides an enterprise-class web application and unmatched breadth of functionality for managing all aspects of the partner lifecycle, from partner recruiting to cooperatively marketing and selling to performance management.

Lead Management

Make your partners an extension of your sales team. Not only can you send them leads, but you can deliver them to your best or highest-certified partners.

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Journey Builder

Channel account managers can curate partners’ journeys through every stage of their lifecycle, taking the variation out of partner outcomes.

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Channel Intel+

Extend Impartner’s Business Intelligence (BI) engine, Channel Intel+, which uniquely answers the two golden channel questions: which actions drive revenue and what makes a partner profitable.

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Program Compliance Manager

Automates partner tiering to ensure greater compliance while greatly reducing administration time.

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Business Planning

Create, track and share any KPI, from any Salesforce object, even custom objects, with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

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Partner Locator

A powerful channel marketing engine where potential customers can discover the best-fit partner for them, based on geography, vertical, certifications, and more.

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Solutions Marketplace

An addition to the Locator Module, the Solutions Marketplace module enables search by partners’ specific products/services.

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Training & Certification

Empower your partners with digital training and certification programs so they can better understand and sell your products.

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Advanced Document Management

Provide different content to each type and tier, whether Platinum/Gold/Silver, or Reseller/Distributor.

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To-Partner Marketing

Recruit and engage the best partners using end-to-end nurturing and marketing tools.

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Through-Partner Marketing

Impartner’s TCMA is a demand automation solution that your partners will actually adopt.

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Co-Branded Collateral

Enable partners to co-brand and market your published content with their logo – all while keeping the integrity of your brand.

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Ensure that every dollar of your MDF budget is effectively allocated and used, taking the crystal ball out of MDF and Co-Op fund planning.

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