Top 10 Ways Impartner Grows Customer Channel Revenue

Impartner’s 2019 customer survey reports an average channel revenue increase of 32.3%.
Find out how our platform solves the common challenges that companies face when managing their channel.

What contributes to our customers’ success? How does Impartner’s platform solve the most common challenges that our customers face with channel management? Customer success and an increase in channel revenue can be achieved with these 10 business solutions using Impartner’s Partner Relationship Management (PRM).

1. Automated Partner Recruiting and Onboarding

Before switching to Impartner PRM, our customers dealt with a manual, and often expensive, process to recruit and onboard new partners. Impartner offers an intuitive workflow and the tools needed to provide a world-class partner journey starting at the recruitment level. We guide customers towards success by offering segmented content and clearly showing them next steps. As a result, Impartner customers boost their channel revenue by scaling their partner program, with an average 45% increase in ability to recruit and onboard new partners.

2. Optimized Training and Certification

Just as your direct sales team needs to be trained on your products and tools, so does your indirect channel. Impartner’s Training and Certification module allows you to keep your partners informed, enabled and effective. Impartner’s customers report a 35% increase of their channel revenue due to better training of their partners. 75% of Impartner customers claim an increase in ability to scale, with 37% seeing this increase without adding headcount to their channel team.

3. Better Deal Registration

Impartner PRM provides a best-in-class experience for both partners and those who manage the vendor-side pipeline. The primary reason for partner attrition is channel conflict. Impartner’s Deal Registration creates real-time integration, which means your account managers and partners are always on the same page and can easily collaborate and manage both direct and indirect selling efforts in our platform. Is it easy to see how Impartner customers saw an 80% reduction in channel conflict by using our platform.

4. Clear Performance Tracking

Many companies hesitate to use their channel with fears that they will be unable to manage channel sales with the same level of visibility as direct sales, which makes channel sales feel unpredictable. With Impartner PRM, channel managers have the tools they need to manage partner performance by optimizing and prioritizing their time and resources. Impartner’s visual KPI Builder encourages the right partner behaviors by showing the next-level benefits and how to achieve these goals. Our customers have seen a 50% increase in account managers’ ability to meet quota and a 26% increase in partners improving their performance.

5. Valuable Marketing and Communications

Channel teams require external resources, like IT and marketing, to help send out communications. This can create backlogs and stale information going out to your partners. Impartner’s marketing tools are designed to give you full control of your communications and ensures you are clearly communicating targeted content, and the right partner gets the right information at the right time. No waiting in line for corporate marketing tools, and no begging for outside resources to assist. With Impartner’s News on Demand, our customers saw an increase of 30-50% in newsletter open rates and a 50% reduction in production time.

6. Increased Engagement

Many vendors offer suboptimal partner portals and struggle to keep partners engaged and using their tools. Impartner SegmentAITM ensures that every user gets new information regularly and has an easy-to-use and personalized experience — all without the need to touch code. Because our partner portal keeps content fresh and personalized, our customers saw a 41% increase in engagement.

7. More Valuable Use of Internal Resources

Your company probably has a team of highly experienced channel leaders that can help recruit the best partners and work with them to create valuable strategies. If those key players are tied up doing administrative work, like tracking partner recruitment or managing your marketing development funds, they are not reaching their full potential.

Impartner PRM includes workflows and intuitive UI-based admin tools to make management easy. By automating operational basics so that the best talent can focus on creating strategic relationships with partners, our customers reported a 29% decrease in administrative costs.

8. Building Partner Loyalty

We know loyalty is important to our customers because loyal partners sell more of your products than competitors’ products. Impartner PRM provides multiple ways to help you build partner loyalty within your partner ecosystem in a scalable and cost-effective way. 78% of our customers have stated that Impartner PRM gives them a competitive advantage. We not only work for you — we work with you.

9. Capturing the Shadow Channel

Channel sales can feel unpredictable and it’s easy to get lost in the shadows. The shadow channel of non-traditional partners has emerged because business unit buyers, who make 72% of purchasing decisions, increasingly turn to unlikely groups to help implement technology. Impartner’s Referral Automation Platform brings the same process and structure we’ve brought to managing traditional partner models to managing and rewarding referral partners. Our customers have seen an average revenue increase of over 30% from these referral partners.

10. Channel Experts that Guide Your Channel Upward

The most common question our customers ask is how to best configure their PRM to follow best practices. With Impartner PRM, you have the most experienced customer success team and a large library of best practices to guide you through your PRM. Our customers have the best combination of solution and support available to optimize their partner program and maximize their revenue.

If you’re wondering about Impartner’s secret sauce and how we are able to accelerate growth year-after-year for our customers, the best place to start this conversation is with our award-winning channel management platform. Impartner provides an enterprise-class solution for managing all aspects of the partner life cycle, from partner recruitment, to marketing and sales, to performance management. Impartner’s solutions are not only our customer’s most powerful secret weapon, it is easy to adopt, quick to deploy and fully customizable for your brand. Find out more by joining this webinar.

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