Cast Your Net Wide: Pro Tips to Create More Top Tier Partners

Last week in our Channel Chief & Chill discussion, Robb Franks, senior director of sales engineering, shared some of the things he’s seen, and the pivots being made by his clients during the uncertainty we are currently facing in the market. His focus was on creating new pipeline with new partnerships in your channel. Here are some of the highlights from Robb’s discussion:

  • Get more out of what you currently have by identifying and focusing on the next grouping of partners that can quickly be in a revenue-ready position. Identify this new group of second/third tier partners using analytics, place them on an automated partner journey, and position them to become top tier partners.
  • Broaden your reach by casting a wider net with the many partner types within your channel. As customer’s needs and the ways we interact are changing, accommodate to the current climate by going through different partner pipelines and creating new partnerships.
  • Ask your partners to do even more and turn your partner from a co-seller to a true extension of your brand and the initial frontline support. Look for well-positioned partners, provide your partners with the expanded toolset they need to succeed, create a self-service system for partners to extend marketing reach, and empower partners to generate, present, manage, and close deals.

If you are a channel thought leader in your organization, we’d like to invite you to join our Channel Chief & Chill series. It is an informal but highly engaging drop-in interactive GoToMeeting happening every Friday at 9:00 am MST and another at 9:00 am UK GMT. Find out more about this new series from Impartner by registering for the North America discussion or the EMEA discussion.

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