The Most Important Tool Missing from Your Salesforce Toolbox

You can extend your marketing prowess and rigor throughout your channel ecosystem

Tighten a screw. Open a can of paint. Pound a nail in a pinch. These are just some of the clever things you can do with a screwdriver, in addition to the obvious. Try as you might, however, you cannot use a screwdriver to inflate a tire.

What goes for your toolbox applies to your tech stack. Take your Salesforce CRM. It’s supremely helpful for tracking interactions, improving sales processes and otherwise bringing sense to the traditional chaos of sales and marketing. Same with Salesforce Communities, which you may use as a makeshift PRM. But neither are effective tools for helping you increase marketing in coordination with channel partners. To help ramp sales and marketing partners make on your behalf, you need a purpose-built tool known as Through Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA).

TCMA technology is not new but it’s not widespread. Blame bad design or poor implementations.

Until now.

Finally, one company has fixed both shortcomings. The company is Impartner, whose TCMA works with almost any PRM and provides customers an unrivaled tool for accelerating your indirect sales and elevating end-customer engagements.

The timing couldn’t be better. If 2020 taught industry anything, it’s that capable partners who can sell on your behalf, represent your brand faithfully and bring you new customers is priceless.

Which brings us to your company. Does your digital toolbox have a purpose-built tool for helping partners ramp up marketing on your behalf? Can they automatically launch and manage effective campaigns? Do you fully understand all the things that TCMA can do, or why it is specifically superior to other tools for igniting your channel marketing?

If not, then spend a few minutes with Impartner’s Robb Franks, director of sales engineering. In this new Lessons from the Edge (LFTE) video, Franks walks channel professionals through the foundation of TCMA, its unique capabilities and use cases for companies just like you.

“Partner-provided leads are the next best thing to referrals in terms of close rates,” says Franks. “But if you don’t have a proper TCMA tool, it’s very difficult for your partners to effectively and consistently provide those leads to you.”

Partner marketing has never been more important than now. Help your partners help you with TCMA. For more on what TCMA can do for your business, be sure to check out the Impartner TCMA Demand Generation Center.

Sign-up for your Impartner demo today.

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