How to Personalize Your Channel Communications With News on Demand

” Personalization can and has to go a lot further when communicating with your channel partners. “


Adding the recipient’s name to newsletters hardly counts as personalization… well, not in this century anyway. Personalization can and has to go a lot further than this when communicating with your channel partners. That’s if you actually want them to read your content and stay engaged.

Here are 5 simple ways you could drastically improve your efforts:

  1. Opt-in and out of topics– Enable channel partners to decide which topics they are most interested in, and only send them content related to this. By doing this, your audience will feel assured from the get-go that your email will be of use to them, thus encouraging positive engagement.
  2. Send only when they want to receive it– Ask channel partners when and how often they would like to receive an email newsletter from you. You will then know the perfect time to send the email and the optimal frequency that fits their busy schedule. Bear with me, there’s an easy way to do this!
  3. Localize content– When working with channel partners globally, offering content in their first language is a pivotal way to maintain their interest. Understandably, your content will be a lot easier to read and feel a lot more personal to them. This is a must if you want engaged partners!
  4. Make sure it’s relevant– After gathering the valuable data about precisely what your channel partners are interested in, and when they want to receive it from you, make sure you stick to it. If you don’t, your channel partners will quickly feel discouraged, especially after they made the effort to tell you what they want. You will almost be at the point of no return if you do not do this.
  5. Segment your audience– Do you have different tiers of partners, such as gold, silver, and bronze? Do they receive different discounts, incentives and/or have a slightly different contract with you? You may want to broadcast certain things to each, it makes sense to send them a different email newsletter!

You may be thinking that the above is a pipe dream, but we can safely say you are wrong. You also won’t need an army of people to achieve it. Far from it. What’s more, it won’t take long to create. Have you heard of Impartner’s News on Demand?

By using this solution, you will be able to accomplish the above and more. You will be able to send a different newsletter version automatically (with no HTML coding required) to each recipient, based on; what they have opted into, their tier type as well as content that matches their language type, etc. The recipient also decides when they want to receive it and the frequency. You just need the right tools to make this happen. Click here to schedule a demo.

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