3 Ways to Identify if You’ve Made the Wrong PRM Decision

“The success of your products greatly depends on the ownership of certain duties.”

In today’s market, the true revenue hero is the channel. You might have noticed the number of Partner Relationship Management solutions decreasing over the years, but the buying decision can still be difficult for some to make.

World-leading companies like Fortinet, Rackspace, and Xerox have made Impartner PRM the industry standard by using our solution to power their Partner Portals. While these companies know a contemporary PRM solution can take your optimization and operations to the next level, several companies are still finding themselves falling behind.

We’ve outlined a few ways to identify if you’ve made the wrong PRM decision and what you can do to get your teams to focus back to growing and scaling the partnerships that truly drive success.

  1. Lack of Personalization – In today’s tech world a tailored online experience is expected. From website recognition to targeted advertisements, each step of our buying process is customized to fit a persona. If your portal cannot recognize your partners, personalize their experience, or offer up resources to help them optimize their relationship with you, you’re ultimately falling behind the competition. Impartner PRM provides a fully customized, contemporary experience that allows your partners to optimize their relationships and digital interactions.
  2. Who Owns the Roadmap? – The success of your products greatly depends on the ownership of certain duties. Your partner portal should be held to the same standards. While the first few days of your portal launched without a glitch, you are finding without help from your IT team, you cannot make basic functional updates. Your portal will inevitably fall behind, and the resources required to keep it up to date are time-consuming for your internal team, not to mention the cost to use your original vendor.
  3. You Cannot Keep Up with Updates – While a single-tenant PRM solution may seem tempting, but this means every portal is standalone. When a product or security update needs to be implemented, your vendor must update them one by one. These kinds of updates can put you behind weeks or even months. Impartner’s pure-play PRM solution creates a frictionless, world-class customer experience at every step of the partner experience (PX).

The temptation to implement a solution that appears to save you time and money is easy to fall for, but don’t be fooled by the other companies. Find out for yourself why you should choose Impartner.

Impartner is the fastest to implement, with the ability to have you up and running is a few as 14 days. Impartner is trusted by some of the world’s largest companies with some of the most complex networks. Impartner integrates seamlessly with any major CRM and third-party application and legacy system.  It’s no wonder Impartner has outlived other solutions, making its way to number one.

For more ways to identify if you’ve made the wrong PRM decision, you can download our eBook here: Top 13 Signs You’ve Made the Wrong PRM Decision

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