Find Out the Secrets to Building a World-Class Tech Stack

Featuring Marketo, McAfee, Fortinet, and Splunk

Dreamforce is a sprawling showcase of today’s technology leaders, vying for attention from top corporations to be part of their tech stacks. The field is crowded, and the overwhelming amount of choices can actually slow down, not speed up the process of ensuring a company’s set of tech solutions is truly helping them stand apart in the market.

Fortunately, there are secrets to navigating this process, and at this year’s Dreamforce, Impartner is hosting a live webinar on Brighttalk, “Tech Stack Secrets from Top IT Teams, featuring top IT and Channel Leaders from Marketo, McAfee, Fortinet, and Splunk.” These powerhouse leaders, from four of Impartner’s customers, who absolutely set the bar for how the nimblest, fastest-moving companies quickly and efficiently build a world-class tech stack.

During this 45-minute conversation, hosted by Impartner’s CMO Dave R Taylor, we’ll pull back the curtain on how these companies navigate working with their business counterparts how they decide to make or buy, and how they decide whether to use functionality from an existing vendor or bring in a totally new technology provider.

“These are the top issues top IT teams are and should be asking, and we couldn’t be prouder to have representatives from our customers with world-class companies help provide these insights,” said Taylor.

As you head to Dreamforce and/or consider the technologies you’ve seen there or are considering in general, sign on here to learn the secrets these top corporations rely on to set the pace for their industries and the market in general.

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