Pure Power for Your Channel: Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Impartner PRM

“We’re way ahead in $” and “Our economics got much, much better.”

Today’s headlines show that sales for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (MD 365) soared 455% in Q4, helping fuel Microsoft’s climb to the top of the list for the world’s most valuable publicly traded companies. Impressive for sure, but having just spent the week at Microsoft’s showcase event, Inspire – not surprising. At every level, the show was sleek and buzzing with an energy that emerges only around the industry’s hottest conversations.

Having just signed a cooperative agreement with Microsoft to amplify direct and indirect sales by co-marketing and co-selling MD 365 with Impartner PRM, we couldn’t be more excited about the potential of this 1-2 punch combination and the value it brings to so many stakeholders in the Microsoft ecosystem:

For companies using or considering Microsoft Dynamics, this cooperative agreement gives you confidence that these two solutions will implement seamlessly and provide you with a single console to manage your direct and indirect sales. Even better, regardless of the size of your company or what CRM you use, you can transition to these solutions quickly, knowing other major corporations have made the switch in a matter of months—delivering immediate results. Check out the Commscope Case Study, to see why the channel chief says, “We’re way ahead in $” and “Our economics got much, much better.”

For Microsoft resellers and system integrators.  Partners and resellers are at the point of attack in the new world of digital transformation and are counted on to create real-world solutions for customers’ business problems. As such, they are constantly looking for not only new technologies but also value-added products and services to help them evolve their businesses to meet the challenges of this new era.

Implementing the MD 365 and Impartner PRM solution makes that digital transformation possible and provides you with the ability to leverage the MD 365 value proposition and broaden that value through integration across the channel tech stack.  According to a new whitepaper from technology analyst firm, Enterprise Strategy Group, this enhances partner growth and profitability in several important ways:

  • Impartner is a robust platform with a range of embedded, valuable features that are flexible and configurable and that integrate with existing tools in the MD 365 environment. This reduces cost, and importantly, customers understand the value of seamless integration services.
  • The ability to deliver incremental partner-led services will drive strong top and bottom lines that fund growth.
  • Joint offerings create new high-value opportunities, adding a strong installed-base value proposition to the sales mix.
  • Impartner PRM is a good fit with the skill sets of existing Dynamics 365-focused businesses. This means you can leverage the existing knowledge and experience of their sales and tech teams.
  • Partner upfront investment is modest. You can satisfy their initial clients, develop “win” stories, and then pursue new ones, all while managing the financial risks.
  • PRM/CRM investments will drive revenue for resellers based on the value they deliver.

And now, thanks to the cooperative agreement between Microsoft and Impartner, you’ll be able to change your competitive battlespace and have more doors to knock-on, to:

  • Extend the power of Dynamics to your customer’s indirect sales channel with PRM
  • Provide Partner Engagement insights
  • Enrich Dynamics data, further securing existing accounts, e.g. Learning Management System
  • Drive new revenue from your existing accounts

Sum total: whether you’re a company looking for a proven CRM/PRM solution that can accelerate your direct and indirect sales from a single console, or a Microsoft sales pro or reseller/integrator looking for new revenue streams and a powerful 1-2 punch to win in the market against other major competitors, MD 365 and Impartner PRM can help you win at every level. Click here to learn more.

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