Impartner Introduces Innovative Technology to Help Organizations Transform Partner Experiences (PX)

Companies no longer have to choose between their priorities and those of their channel partners

Want to provide partners the best automation experiences possible but not at the expense of automating the workflows and functions that matter most to you? Now you can do both — seamlessly and simultaneously. Here’s how.

This month, Impartner is introducing Impartner PX™ PartnerExperience, a revolutionary new PRM interface designed with partners foremost in mind. Impartner PX gives vendors of any from — from startup to enterprise — the capability to customize partner interfaces so they can serve up the relevant data that partners need most on their portal homepages. Think information on program status, lead sharing, MDF approvals and more. Better yet, Impartner PX makes this possible via a new set of PXStudio widgets, which are extensible, drag-and-droppable tools that can easily be added to customized dashboards for different partners no matter their company type, geography, business model, technological specialty or level of engagement.

Now for the best part: Impartner PX adds this capability to the Impartner Ignite and Emerge PRM packages that offer some of the world’s most advanced backend PRM capabilities that scores of vendors have come to rely on. Later this year, Impartner PX will be added to Impartner’s complete set of PRM automation platforms, providing customers of any size the flexible and scalable backend that hundreds of organizations have come to depend on, and the partner-centric front-end that channel partners demand more and more.

This is big news on several levels. Allow us to unpack why here. First, let’s focus on who this announcement is initially targeted at, which is small businesses and emerging organizations. Then, we’ll turn our focus to your partners and share some insights as to why PX is so important to them.

The Automation Imperative Among SMBs and Emerging Companies

With so much business shifting online due to the pandemic and other factors, technology has become the great leveler for small businesses and emerging organizations. In fact, SMBs now spend more on technology as a percent of revenue than their big-business counterparts. SMBs do so because information and communications technology (ICT) enables them to stand out among rivals in their field and avoid becoming overrun by organizations that enjoy greater economies of scale.

The pandemic of 2020 and 2021 has exacerbated this trend. In fact, one study found that 75% of SMBs have increased their technology budgets by an average of 34% as a key part of their strategy to survive COVID-19.

No doubt your business is automating key parts of your organization, including finances, marketing, customer support and more. If your business sells through partners, automating those processes and workflows is an absolute must. There’s simply no way to manage a partner program that oversees onboarding, enablement, rewards, tiering, lead dissemination, marketing and journeys without an automation platform that can elegantly and capably integrate, monitor and measure these activities at scale.

While SMBs and emerging vendors may be tempted to try this using home-grown tools or an amalgamation of unconnected point-solutions, they run the risk of falling behind more sure-footed rivals if they do. What is more, they also risk getting flattened by bigger outfits that already automate partner functions and thus command significant partner loyalty.

One key benefit of Impartner PRM technology is that it is developed using “opinionated” software design principles. If you’re not familiar, opinionated software is automation developed around proven best practices. (In Impartner’s case, our opinionated software has been built with knowledge gleaned over hundreds of engagements with customers representing nearly every major industry, high-technology especially.)

Because of this, Impartner takes the guesswork — and much of the risk — out of automation rollout. This is especially important to SMBs and emerging companies that cannot afford to burn work cycles or waste money. Which brings us to your partners.

Why PX Has Become a Business Priority

In a recent global study of tech industry channel partners, partner organizations were asked to identify capabilities that would help make them relevant in 2022 and beyond. Their No. 1 response? Using customer experience as a “competitive differentiator.”

Funny thing about that: the more partners develop their own CX capabilities, the more attuned to PX provided by vendors they have become. Put bluntly, partners will no longer put up with bad experiences, especially when it comes to partner automation management technology. Partners don’t want your marketing materials or end-customer data sheets. Instead, they want — make that demand —the information they need to run their businesses as efficiently as possible. Again, this includes but is hardly limited to data on program status, lead sharing and MDF approvals.

In fact, studies reveal that partners will walk away from an otherwise profitable business relationship if they deem a vendor too difficult to work with. In today’s world, few things create more antagonism between a partner and a vendor that bad automation experiences. When there’s friction in your partner automation, you can be sure there is tension in your channel relationships.

Thanks to Impartner PRM Ignite and Emerge, and the new Impartner PX, you no longer have to worry about such deficiencies. Nor do you have to choose between automating the processes and workflows that are important to you and the experiences prioritized by your partners.

With Impartner Ignite and Emerge, you get unrivaled flexibility and agility to create programs for just a few partners or hundreds of thousands of partners worldwide. You also get a platform that can be customized by your channel teams without turning to a vendor or taxing your internal IT departments.

And with Impartner PX, your partners will enjoy the industry’s freshest and most intuitive partner interface that features clean, simplified views of the data that matters most to them. What is more, they will also enjoy Pipeline Manager, a new CRM-like experience that acts as a customer database to help them manage and track leads, build a sustainable sales pipeline and more.

Impartner PRM and Impartner PX. Better for you, better for your partners.

For more on the new technology, be sure to schedule a demo and see it in action.

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