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5 Tips for Mastering Through Channel Marketing Automation Platforms

Partners play a pivotal role in the success of most businesses today. Whether you're a manufacturer, a software developer, or a service provider, channel partners help you expand your reach, tap into new markets, and drive revenue growth. However, managing and motivating partners can be a complex task. This is where through channel marketing automation platforms come into play. This article will explore the critical strategies for partners to use through channel marketing automation platforms effectively.

What are through channel marketing automation platforms?

Through channel marketing automation (TCMA) refers to the use of technology to streamline and enhance the marketing efforts of your channel partners. You may also hear it referred to as partner marketing automation, as these tools continue to evolve in scope and capabilities.

TCMA platforms empower partners to execute marketing campaigns, access resources, and collaborate more effectively with your organization. These tools can include co-branded marketing materials, lead generation platforms, campaign management systems, performance analytics, and more.

Explore more about TCMA capabilities in our full guide: The Power of Next-Generation TCMA!

How to leverage the power of TCMA platforms

Before you bring your partners on board, ensure that your through channel marketing automation platforms are built with best practices and resources already in place. Leverage the true power of next-gen TCMA with these features.

1. Content libraries

Populate your TCMA platform with a rich repository of go-to, on-demand marketing content. This can include product information, images, videos, email templates, ad copy, and social media posts. Partners should have easy access to various assets they can use for their campaigns.

2. Automated campaigns

Enable partners to create and launch their own marketing campaigns quickly. Provide templates and automation features that simplify the process of campaign setup and execution. Partners should be able to personalize campaigns while maintaining brand consistency.

How does this look in practice? As an example, Xerox needed a way to scale their co-marketing efforts for their partners, but initial efforts were time-consuming, costly, and led to conflicting ad campaigns and budgets.

With Impartner’s paid media solution, Xerox set up and deployed targeted, localized ad campaigns with zero effort from partners. Today, Google Ads is their partners' first source of leads, leading to a 75% decrease in cost per lead! Read the full case study here.

3. Lead generation and management

Integrate lead generation tools directly into your TCMA platform. Partners can benefit from tools that help them identify and nurture leads effectively. Then, provide analytics to track lead progress and conversion rates.

4. Performance analytics

Likewise, offer robust analytics and reporting capabilities across your TCMA efforts. Partners should be able to measure the impact of their marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions. Detailed reports on campaign performance, lead generation, and ROI are essential.

5. Collaborative tools

Finally, always foster collaboration between partners and your organization. Enable partners to share feedback, request assistance, and communicate directly with your marketing and sales teams through the TCMA platform.

How to get your partners on board

Through channel marketing automation platforms can be a game-changer for generating new leads for your partner network. But first, you need your partners to feel engaged and empowered when using these tools. Here's how.

1. Educate your partners

The first step to getting partners to use your TCMA platform is to educate them about the benefits. Highlight how these tools can simplify their marketing tasks, improve lead generation, and boost their sales. Offer training sessions, webinars, and informative materials to help partners understand the value proposition.

2. Bring in your partner's voice

You should customize your TCMA platform to reflect your partner's unique voice. Partners engage with various vendors, so their marketing efforts should not exclusively revolve around your company. The challenge is to position them as industry experts without excessive self-promotion.

3. Make it easy to onboard

Simplify the onboarding process for partners. Ensure your TCMA platform is user-friendly, with clear instructions and support readily available. The easier it is for partners to get started, the more likely they are to use the tools!

4. Pick the right partners to start with

Many believe that commencing with their top-tier partners is the way to go, but it's important to recognize that these major partners typically have their own automated tools in place.

The true beneficiaries of TCMA platforms will be your mid-sized and smaller partners, who often lack substantial marketing resources. The crux of successful engagement with these tools lies in carefully selecting the right partners.

5. Engage partners with incentives and rewards

Create an incentive program to motivate partners to use these new through channel marketing automation platforms effectively. Recognize and reward partners who achieve success through the platform.

Channel partner incentives could include discounts, co-op funds, MDF funds, SPIFFs, competitions, or non-monetary incentives like priority support or access to exclusive events or learning opportunities.

It's time to scale your marketing efforts

Through channel marketing automation platforms are a game-changer when empowering your channel partners. Educating, supporting, and incentivizing partners to use these tools effectively can drive stronger collaboration, improve marketing outcomes, and ultimately grow your business.

Remember that ongoing communication and customization are vital to ensuring partners embrace and make the most of your TCMA platform. As you work with your partners, you can unlock new opportunities and achieve mutual success in channel marketing.

About the Author

Mike Kirby is the Sr. Director of Partner Strategy and Growth at Impartner. Kirby is a growth-oriented and results-driven partnerships leader with a talent for cultivating collaborative partnerships that drive partner channel program success. A dynamic sales executive, he has a passion for building high-performing teams based on trust and customer-first culture. Kirby is a KPI-building mastermind, tracking metrics to ensure that objectives are achieved and exceeded. With his proven track record of exceeding quotas, growing sales, and expanding pipelines, Kirby is a leader who has built a reputation as a trailblazer in his field. He is an experienced and well-trained mentor, coach, and recruiter who is effective at building and managing relationships with both B2B and B2C clients. Kirby has extensive leadership and volunteer experience in local business organizations, including United Way of Salt Lake and the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce.

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