Top 5 things to know about the Best Partner Journeys

Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American philosopher, and poet, once said, “Life is a journey, not a destination”, and just like life, your channel program needs to focus on the partner journey and not just the end destination. To create the best partner journey, you need a continual lifecycle management tool for your partners. That’s where we come in. Impartner’s new Journey Builder is a ground-breaking solution that moves beyond just automating transactions to automating the journey and experience of partners and rewarding the behaviors that determine success. Easily curate every step of your partners’ journeys through every stage of their lifecycle with a visual and user-friendly partner experience. Take your partners on a journey and have the tools in place to fully optimize your channel revenue.

A partner journey is what happens on the way to the destination, here are the top five reasons why Journey Builder will help you get the most out of your partner relationship:

  1. Drop Pins on Your Map
    Can you imagine trying to find a new restaurant without Google Maps or Waze? We rely on tools to guide us to our destination; our tools detail every single step to get us where we need to go. Journey Builder clearly navigates partners to the destination, making sure top partners have specific tasks and helps channel managers easily set up multiple journeys for each of the roles through workflows to single or multiple partner users.
  2. You Are in the Driver’s Seat
    Having the power to create an unlimited number of journeys is a powerful feeling. You are now steering the ship and guiding your crew to sail forward. With Journey Builder, partners are placed on a journey specifically tailored for them, they feel like they are in charge and their journey is completely customizable, scalable, and automated, delivering consistent results from every partner. Each journey consists of phases with activities, each phase has a specified time frame for completion of one or more selected activities.
  3. Offer an Inside Track
    Simply onboarding a new client and signing a new client isn’t good enough anymore, the first step in the partner journey is so important, and helping them set up their journeys ensures success. Create a great first partner experience by automating their partner journeys. With everyone currently working remotely, partners are part of the portal earlier and are given more access to the portal. Journey Builder allows you to give partners a low barrier of entry, get partners familiar with the tools, and unlock all the information when the time comes.
  4. On the Road Again
    Consider flipping the notion of your partner portal as the destination, but instead as the partner journey. Visually see which partners are following their specified journeys and which inactive partners need to be offboarded. Journey Builder provides a cool and clean visual of the partner workflows in a user-friendly interface. Find out which journeys are leading to more successful outcomes and easily make adjustments to ensure partners don’t stray off the beaten path. Journey Builder’s simple and intuitive interface is designed with channel managers in mind, putting journey control in the hands of those closest to partners.
  5. Provide an Evolvable Experience
    As your partner evolves, so do their journeys. Creating new journey types, adapting quickly, and providing flexibility to your partners is very important, especially with the current state of the world. Normally, channel managers guide each partner through the behaviors and experiences that will drive them to their first dollar of revenue generated and beyond. With Journey Builder, partners know exactly where they stand, what’s next, and what the end result will be through their visual dashboard, and channel managers can easily see the partner data. Journey Builder also allows channel managers the use of segmentation, segment journeys by partner type and coverage, and manually override a partner’s journey status and adjust partners as they see fit.

To learn more about how Impartner helps organizations unlock the potential of indirect sales by helping them manage and optimize every step of their partners’ journeys, the best place to start this conversation is with our award-winning channel management platform. Impartner’s Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solutions provide you with the right tools at the right time to represent your brand, build new relationships, and sell more effectively. If you don’t have a PRM, request a demo today and we can show you how Impartner’s new Journey Builder integrates with the rest of our world-class channel management solutions. Find out more by visiting

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