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The 10 Best Channel Partner Conferences and Events

In the bustling world of partnerships, relationships are the lifeblood of success and strategic alliances forge paths to uncharted territories. Attending the best channel partner conferences and events is one of the best ways to advance your career and your team's long-term success.

Picture yourself stepping into a vibrant space where every handshake brings potential and every conversation sparks innovation. Or, attending monthly virtual sessions where you can learn about actionable best practices, technological advancements, and innovative strategies for your professional toolkit. 

The best channel partner conferences and events prioritize the spirit of cooperation and camaraderie that is at the heart of today's partnerships. These events are where leaders are forged, business-as-usual is challenged and refined, and attendees not only envision the future but actively sculpt it.

It's your turn to learn, grow, and lead. Here's where to get started.

⭐️ The best channel partner conferences and events:

  1. Multiply: ImpartnerCon
  2. Channel Partners Conference and Expo
  3. Partnership Leaders Catalyst
  4. Crossbeam Supernode
  5. Canalys Forums
  6. Channel Focus Conference
  7. The Channel Meetup
  8. Impartner MasterClass Series
  9. Partnership Leaders Meetups
  10. Forrester B2B Summit

1. Multiply: ImpartnerCon

Multiply: ImpartnerCon is our top choice for the best channel partner conference for future-focused ecosystem leaders. Hosted by Impartner, this conference is known for being at the cutting edge of channel technology, innovation, and strategy.

Attendees enjoy a unique blend of learning, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities. Every event promises surprises and new insights across the full range of the partnerships industry. It's geared towards providing attendees with strategic insights, actionable inspiration, next-gen technological advancements, and innovative practices in ecosystem management.

This is a multi-day, in-person event where attendees have the privilege of not only absorbing knowledge from top-notch channel experts but also interacting, sharing experiences, and building potential partnerships with other channel leaders. Typically hosted in the U.S., it has a global appeal that caters to a wide audience.

2. Channel Partners Conference and Expo

At the Channel Partners Conference and Expo, you’re not just an attendee, you’re part of a thriving community that's working to elevate channel partnerships. Although U.S.-focused, it attracts a global audience, enabling attendees to network across borders and industries.

This event typically offers both in-person and virtual attendance options, providing an inclusive environment for partners wherever they are located. Engage in enlightening workshops, keynotes, and breakout sessions that delve deep into the evolving channel space, ensuring you are at the forefront of understanding the challenges and opportunities lying ahead.

3. Partnership Leaders Catalyst

Partnership Leaders Catalyst is your haven for connecting with fellow partnership leaders and learning innovative strategies directly from industry leaders. Your participation will be more than just learning—it’s about actively engaging in forums and workshops designed to co-create and shape future partnership models.

This in-person partnership networking event fosters a diverse network of thoughts and strategies. Attend the event and then get involved with their larger virtual community of partnership leaders!

4. Crossbeam Supernode

Dive into the future of partnerships with Crossbeam Supernode. This in-person conference is known for spotlighting the future of channel ecosystems with a keen eye on marketing technology and integrations.

You’re in for an inspiring journey exploring robust sessions that navigate partner ecosystems, co-marketing strategies, partner marketing automation, and tech integrations. This partner marketing conference is a must-attend for professionals eager to incorporate more technology and automation in their ecosystem.

5. Canalys Forums

Canalys stands out for their expert channel analysis and insights into the IT industry. Your attendance at their Forums guarantees insights into these emerging market trends, innovative technologies, and deep insights into the evolving IT industry.

Offering channel events across various geographical locations, it ensures you can access the treasure-trove of knowledge and networking opportunities, irrespective of your location. Whether you’re an IT professional in the U.S., APAC, or EMEA regions, you’re sure to find a Canalys event that resonates with your regional challenges and opportunities.

6. Channel Focus Conference

With a stellar reputation for bringing together the who’s who in the channel industry, Channel Focus Conference is your gateway to unparalleled learning and networking. Engage in a variety of sessions ranging from insightful keynotes to intimate roundtables, all curated to equip you with actionable strategies and a deeper understanding of the evolving channel landscape.

This partner conference often comes in a hybrid format, ensuring that no matter where you are, your voice and presence are at the table. 

7. The Channel Meetup

Become part of a dynamic and intimate community with The Channel Meetup, a space curated for channel leaders to connect, share, and evolve together. Though typically hosted in person, this event focuses on creating a close-knit environment where in-depth conversations, thought-leadership, and genuine connections are fostered.

Find an event near you, they're hosted in the UK and across the U.S. You'll leave with knowledge, strategies, and networking opportunities that you can implement across your global channel ecosystems.

8. Impartner MasterClass Series

Get the best in partnership insights without leaving home. Impartner's MasterClass is a virtual event series that's to give you a concentrated dose of channel management and strategy expertise.

These free monthly online sessions are one of the best channel partner events to attend. They're presented by renowned channel leaders and are crafted to enhance your skills with actionable strategies for driving channel success. After, each session ends with a Q&A section. The virtual format ensures you’re plugged into a larger network of global leaders, benefiting from various insights and experiences in each session. Based in Europe? Check out the EMEA Partner Experience Call series! 

9. Partnership Leaders Meetups

Step into an environment where every conversation could be a gateway to your next strategic move. Partnership Leaders Meetups are often small in-person events, with professionals meeting up for dinner and a presentation or activity. These events emphasize creating an atmosphere where genuine conversations and strategic partnerships are born.

Focused primarily on creating a rich, collaborative environment, these meetups provide a platform where you can share, learn, and co-create strategies with other partnership leaders. These meetups are expanding to a global scale. Watch for a meetup near you!

10. Forrester B2B Summit

Unlock new perspectives in your B2B channel partnerships with the Forrester B2B Summit. Offering a rich blend of analytical insights and forward-thinking strategies, your participation promises a holistic view of where the B2B market is headed and how to shape your strategies accordingly.

At this channel event, you’re not just connecting with leaders from your region but forging networks and gaining insights that span across markets, ensuring your strategies are robust and globally relevant.

Ignite your future in partnerships

It's time to embark on a journey of continuous learning and strategic networking by immersing yourself in the rich experiences offered by the best channel partner conferences and events.

Every channel partner event, whether virtual or in-person, unlocks a world of possibilities. Head on over to the official websites of these events to learn more about upcoming dates and locations. Your pathway to becoming a multiplier for change and a leader in your field is not in the distant future—it's one event away. Ignite your career by stepping forward, engaging, and becoming an active participant in the thriving channel community.

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