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Personalized Partner Onboarding
Create automated and tailored training.

Pipeline Management
Sync deal registration and partner leads with CRM.

Certification Management
Build courses, lessons, and quizzes, code-free.

Market Development Funds
Hand requests, fulfillment, and ROI analysis.

Partner Business Planning
Share, create, and track goals together.

Tiering and Compliance
Incentivize partner performance, automate compliance management.

Reporting and Analytics
Know what drives mutual revenue.

Paid Media Marketing
Connect local partners with local leads via Google.

Impartner Marketplace
Bring “Where to Buy” to your corporate website.

Referral Automation
Effortlessly generate more leads from more types of partners.


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Increase Partner Engagement with Impartner’s News on Demand

With a few clicks and new drag-and-drop features, increasing partner engagement and sharing program updates is easier than ever

SALT LAKE CITY, JAN. 18, 2023—Impartner, the world's most complete, most highly rated, and most award-winning Partner Relationship Management (PRM) provider, has added new features to enhance partner communications. Impartner’s News on Demand solution makes sharing information and increasing partner engagement easier with seamless connection to PRM. Integrating News on Demand into a vendor’s partner portal is now as simple as one click. Leveraging Impartner’s News on Demand widget framework, users can simply display critical information to Impartner’s PX interface, so partners see the latest articles customized to their location, type, industries, certifications, roles, and preferences. The new features are available in customers’ applications immediately. 

“Partner engagement and consumption is one of the most important KPIs within a partner program, and News on Demand provides many ways to drive those metrics,” said Gary Sabin, VP of Product at Impartner. “News on Demand allows partner content leaders to segment audiences and content in many ways so that partners receive information most relevant to them, therefore improving odds of consumption. As partners consume and engage more with a vendor, they become better positioned to increase revenue and or customer satisfaction as an extension of the vendor sales and support team.”

News on Demand helps partner programs engage partners in more than the end-of-quarter promotion. With a click of a button, a company’s news is integrated into the portal and newsletters, segmented to partners’ needs, such as geography, industries, products, roles, and training and certifications. The system leverages customization and privacy. Partners can opt into or out of areas in which they are interested. With the ability to adhere to GDPR requirements, News on Demand ensures security and deliverability between vendors and partners no matter the location.

Widgets provide drag-and-drop functionality, so news items, promotions, training, and articles are promoted within the partner experience. That same content can be emailed and promoted to the same segments, engaging partners with the company. Partner news and newsletters can be created in a fraction of the time of sophisticated marketing automation tools and other partner relationship management systems. Impartner’s integration with Salesforce and other CRM systems enables easy coordination between the sales and partner channels.

“The Impartner News on Demand application gives us a great competitive advantage because people want to buy from vendors that make their lives easier,” said Juniper Networks Worldwide Partner Communications Programs Manager, Roger Horine. “If we can be that much better at providing highly targeted useful information and put it in a very concise format, and easy to digest, then they're more likely to choose Juniper solutions than some other vendor.”

“Impartner has solved this so completely with a system that's easy to use that enables lots of people to contribute worldwide, develop and version content for specific geographies, and do all the targeting that anyone could possibly want,” Horine said.

For more information about News on Demand, visit Impartner’s website.

To learn more about how Impartner helps corporations from the smallest to the largest enterprises like Honeywell, Qualtrics and Vertiv grow their channel revenue by an average of 32.3% in the first year of use alone, click here.

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Impartner is the fastest-growing, most award-winning provider of channel management technologies, including its flagship Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Partner Marketing Automation solutions, which help companies worldwide manage their partner relationships, drive demand through partners and accelerate revenue and profitability through indirect sales channels. For more information on Impartner, which is based in Utah's tech hotbed, the Silicon Slopes, visit