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Bridging the Tech Divide: Impartner’s Orchestration Studio Unites Your Stack with Data Harmony

SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 5, 2023Impartner, the fastest-growing and most award-winning provider of reseller and partner management technologies, today released Orchestration Studio, a powerful solution that goes beyond simple data synching by optimizing integration and automation. This release empowers users to build advanced visual workflows that coordinate processes and data with external connectors.  

Its development was driven by a proactive response to evolving business challenges and customer demands. Key issues, such as legacy single-tenant and hard-coded business logic, highly variable and customer-specific processes, copy-paste-modify integration approach, and time-to-market pressure, were crucial issues addressed. 

Orchestration Studio provides adaptability, efficiency, and an improved Partner Experience (PX) for users aiming to drive business efficiency through automation and integration. Key features of Orchestration Studio include:

  • No Code Automation: Visually automate internal business processes without writing code.
  • Efficient Task Automation: Automate routine tasks, like record creation and trigger-based notifications.
  • Advanced Integration: Integrate with external applications the business relies on, simplifying data transformations through Impartner’s library of connectors.
  • Real-time Data Management: Synchronize and modify data in real-time, regardless of location, ultimately unifying the partner experience through PRM. 

Tailored to tackle the challenges of managing diverse partner ecosystems, Orchestration Studio aligns itself with the growing significance of integrations, as highlighted by Canalys Chief Analyst,  Jay McBain, “Integration is the most important factor for buyers purchasing partner technology. 74.2% of buyers report that a system’s ability to integrate is either a very or extremely important consideration.”

“Integration lies at the heart of modern business success. Businesses are now ‘integration first’ entities, refusing to settle for isolated tech solutions. Just as 79% of U.S. car buyers insist on Apply CarPlay integration, the channel tech space demands seamless connectivity. Orchestration Studio is our strategic response to this imperative,” said Gary Sabin, VP of Product at Impartner. “Orchestration Studio addresses current challenges and propels businesses beyond expectations by automating routine processes, simplifying custom integration, and prioritizing partner experience.”

To learn more about how this solution can optimize your partner ecosystem and accelerate business growth, visit

About Impartner
Impartner is the fastest-growing, most award-winning provider of partner management technologies, including its flagship Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Partner Marketing Automation solutions, which help companies worldwide manage their partner relationships, drive demand through partners, and accelerate revenue and profitability through indirect sales channels. For more information on Impartner, visit