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How Transformed Our Partner Experience with Impartner

In the fast-paced world of AI-driven solutions, stands out as a leader in conversational AI technology. To maintain our edge and ensure seamless collaboration with partners, we needed a more efficient and engaging partner experience. Our old intranet portal wasn't cutting it, and it certainly wasn't reflecting the forward-looking ethos of our brand. 

In less than a year, revolutionized our partner engagement and overall experience using Impartner's PX interface. Here's how we did it. 

The need for speed: Our partner experience journey

As we continued to expand our partner network, the limitations of our existing intranet portal became apparent. The old system was cumbersome, difficult to navigate, and lacked essential features for tracking partner engagement and performance metrics.

As Partner Operations Manager at, I spearheaded the transition to Impartner PX. We needed a user-friendly and efficient partner portal to support our growing ecosystem and ensure partners had the tools and information they needed to succeed. Impartner was the right choice, and their PX interface stood out  for the following reasons: 

  • Clean design and ease of navigation: The intuitive layout and user-friendly design of Impartner PX would make it easy for partners to find the information they needed
  • No HTML needed: As a one-man team, it was important that I was able to make changes to our portal without bringing in IT 
  • Comprehensive features: Unlike our old portal, Impartner PX provided advanced features such as deal dashboards and the ability to track partner metrics
  • Customization and flexibility: The ability to tweak and update the portal regularly allowed us to continually enhance the partner experience based on feedback

How we launched our new partner experience portal

Once the decision to go with Impartner was made, I began with a thorough evaluation of our partner's needs and the capabilities of Impartner's PX interface. 

Recognizing the shortcomings of our old portal, I decided to make a quick transition. In less than a year, our new portal was live after these key steps took place: 

  • Initial assessment: Understanding the specific needs of our partners and identifying the features that would add the most value for them
  • Implementation: Setting up the Impartner PX interface, customizing it to align with's branding, and ensuring it was built with relevant content for our partners
  • Training: Conducting training sessions for the partner management team to ensure they could effectively use and manage the new portal
  • Launch: Rolling out the portal in a company-wide announcement internally and to our partners
  • Feedback cycles: Maintaining weekly  adjustments and updates to continually improve the portal experience based on partner feedback

Since implementing Impartner PX, has seen significant improvements in our partner operations. Partners have praised the ease of using our portal, and it's simple for them to set up deal registrations. We now use workflows for login reminders to drive even more engagement and plan to add more in the near future, such as prompting partners to finish incomplete training. Features like News on Demand have also made it easier for our team to communicate with partners, keeping them informed about the latest company updates and developments.

With built-in metrics and analytics, can finally track partner engagement more accurately, enabling us to make data-driven decisions for improving our partner program in the future. 

Building on our foundation 

Partners notice when you invest in tools and systems that make their jobs easier. By prioritizing our partner experience, our relationships with partners have become even stronger and more productive. 

The transformation of’s partner experience with Impartner PX serves as a testament to the power of strategic technology adoption. By prioritizing partner experience and leveraging the robust features of Impartner PX, we created a partner experience portal that not only meets our current needs but also offers a scalable foundation for future growth in our ecosystem.

About the Author

Nils Henrik Haga is the Partner Operations Manager at Nils Henrik is responsible for ensuring operational excellence within the partner program through optimal processes and solutions for both Partner Managers and Partners. With a background from the Banking and Finance industry, the past 5 years he’s been working with in the IT industry. His work has been related to partnerships in various roles, but focusing on Partner Operations for the past three years. At, we’re committed to delivering outstanding customer experiences. stands at the forefront of enterprise-grade conversational AI, using a generative AI first approach with maximum security and control.

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