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Personalized Partner Onboarding
Create automated and tailored training.

Pipeline Management
Sync deal registration and partner leads with CRM.

Certification Management
Build courses, lessons, and quizzes, code-free.

Market Development Funds
Hand requests, fulfillment, and ROI analysis.

Partner Business Planning
Share, create, and track goals together.

Tiering and Compliance
Incentivize partner performance, automate compliance management.

Reporting and Analytics
Know what drives mutual revenue.

Paid Media Marketing
Connect local partners with local leads via Google.

Impartner Marketplace
Bring “Where to Buy” to your corporate website.

Referral Automation
Effortlessly generate more leads from more types of partners.


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Analyst Insights Webinar: Mastering Partnership Value to Measure Impact

If understanding and managing the new landscape for partner ecosystems feels a bit “multiverse” to you, you’re not alone. Partners today tend to show up in every deal, everywhere, all at once. Many companies struggle to accurately categorize their partners, and if you can’t categorize them correctly, how can you accurately attribute partner value and contribution to the business?

Impartner was joined by guest Forrester for a LinkedIn LIVE webinar to explore the evolving landscape of partner value and partner attribution. Our focus revolved around groundbreaking insights and a new methodology by Forrester entitled "Plotting the Path for True Partner Attribution."

Esteemed guest speaker Forrester VP, Principal Analyst, Kathy Contreras, introduced the challenges and negative impact of outdated attribution models, offering insights into the value of partner business models across a diverse partner ecosystem, and providing the steps to take to plot the path for true partner attribution.

Joining Kathy, Impartner CMO, Dave R Taylor, shared valuable insights on how technology keeps up with the ever-changing partner landscape. Learn about the importance of personalizing your partner journeys, customizing your content, and rewarding partners’ varied contributions to driving your mutual success. Dave also discussed program compliance management and the significant emerging role of affiliate marketing. (Yes, affiliates, even in B2B business!)

Watch the full webinar now!

About the Author

Dave R. Taylor is a successful tech entrepreneur with five exits under his belt. Having started his career at Intel Corporation as a Product Manager, Dave has how run marketing as CMO at seven successive companies, and always has as his top priority a focus on demand generation, working closely with sales teams to hit revenue growth targets. He counts as his top skill the recruitment and retention of amazingly high performing marketing teams. Born and raised in Boston, Dave has lived in the UK, South Africa, the Middle East, and all over the U.S., and now resides in Utah and Montana.

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