Siemens Doesn’t Communicate With Their Channel Partners Like You: Find Out How They’re Winning and How Their Channel Chief is Moving the Company Ahead in the Market

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Episode Outline:

[00:07] Intro from Kerry
[01:57] How Siemens transformed their channel communications
[03:01] How Siemens utilized partner communications in the past
[06:36] How Siemens found their PRM technology solution
[08:32] How News on Demand has helped Siemens accomplish their goals
[12:25] How Siemens tackled PRM solution implementation
[15:16] How Siemens made a big difference to their partner communications
[16:25] Kerry’s closing remarks


Gina Batali-Brooks

Lisa Langley
Global Director of Partner Communications and Programs, Siemens

Dave Taylor

Kerry Desberg
CMO, Impartner

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