The Danger of “One Size Fits Most:” How Honeywell’s Global Head of Channel Marketing has Revolutionized their Partner Experience to Give Every Partner What They Need

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Episode Outline:

[00:07] Intro from Kerry
[01:42] Why a one size fits most approach is dangerous for your channel
[03:05] Honeywell’s channel journey and the challenges they faced
[04:30] How Honeywell solved their channel problems
[06:09] Honeywell’s secret sauce that led their digital transformation
[08:31] Getting all your stakeholders on-board for a PRM solution
[11:53] Why Honeywell chose a PRM solution
[15:03] How Honeywell created a more personalized partner experience
[17:33] Kerry’s closing remarks


Gina Batali-Brooks

Tim Schneller
Global Head of Channel Marketing, Honeywell

Dave Taylor

Kerry Desberg
CMO, Impartner

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