How Dell Boomi’s Channel Chief 10x’d the Power of Their Channel Team Using Channel Process Automation Through Impartner PRM

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Episode Outline:

[00:08] Intro from Kerry
[01:56] Scott’s journey at Dell Boomi
[02:54] Why Dell Boomi chose Impartner PRM
[03:35] How Impartner makes Scott’s small team look like an army
[04:11] How automation helps amplify onboarding
[06:48] Scott’s advice on using a PRM for automation
[09:44] Pulling the trigger on a digital transformation
[13:58] Scott’s aha moment during Dell Boomi’s digital transformation
[16:51] Dell Boomi’s strategic competitive advantage
[18:14] Kerry’s closing remarks


Gina Batali-Brooks

Scott Boyd
Global Director of Partner Programs & Experience, Dell Boomi

Dave Taylor

Kerry Desberg
CMO, Impartner

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