PRM is helping Rectangle Health transform the competitive healthcare payments industry. In this video, Rectangle Health Vice President Joe Rocchio explains how.

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World-class technology. Organizational alignment. Clear objectives and strategies. Combining these elements has given Rectangle Health the partner relationship management (PRM) platform of its dreams. With the help of Impartner, Rectangle is poised more now than ever to expand their footprint as a market leader in patient healthcare payments. Joe Rocchio, vice president of operations, walks viewers through his company’s digital journey.

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Episode Outline:

[00:06] Intro from T.C. Doyle
[00:28] Joe Rocchio introduces Rectangle Health
[00:58] Rocchio explains Rectangle’s go-to-market strategy and partner influence
[01:40] Rectangle’s business challenges and how automation helps
[03:08] Rectangle’s search for a PRM and its channel journey with Impartner
[04:23] How automation helps advance Rectangle’s mission
[05:04] Specific PRM capabilities that make a difference
[05:40] The competitive edge that PRM provides
[06:41] The importance of organizational alignment
[08:08] What’s next for Rectangle Health’s digital transformation
[09:23] Rocchio’s advice for fellow practitioners
[10:45] Choose your tech partners carefully
[11:42] What you’re missing without PRM
[12:41] Rocchio on partnership
[13:05] T.C.’s closing remarks


Joe Rocchio

Joe Rocchio
VP of Operations, Rectangle Health

Dave Taylor

TC Doyle
Director of Marketing Communications, Impartner

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